10 Steps to escape the Big Tech Digital Prison currently being built around us



Free Mini Course delivered over 10 weeks


Learn how to put Big Tech and Big Brother into a virtual digital prison on your device where you control what they can see and access.


Take the best of the training, strategies and techniques that will have the most impact


The Walk Away from Big Tech website will be dedicated to this project and the mini-course

The Road map to online Freedom training will be located on a different website (maybe roadmaptoonlinefreedom.com)

Each week a new Step will be published.

There will be a separate page for each step with a description of the step and a short video (5-10 min)

Resources at the bottom for further research


INTRO VIDEO – promo video for the mini-course

STEP 1 – ( Privacy Myth, Big Tech Myth & FOSS – Prove alternatives are better)

STEP 2  – Browser Separation (browsing basics0

STEP 3 – Search (alternative search, mitigation of Big Tech search using proxy and AI)

STEP 4 – Email Privacy (privacy email services and manual encryption)

STEP 5 – Private Messaging

STEP 6 – Tracking, cooked, metadata

STEP 7 – Security software, VPN,  Firewall

STEP 8 – Hardware and Operating systems including mobile

STEP 9 – Take compartmentalisation to the next level and establish an alternative digital life

(Privacy   Anonymity  Online Alter-ego)

STEP 10 – Start using alternatives (showcase)

Including a few tips on finding, and evaluating alternatives ie. Look for an active and positive community behind it