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We are a group of internet professionals working with Freedom lovers to help people reduce their reliance on Big Tech and discover the world of Digital Freedom.



G’day, I’m The Virtual Webmaster and I registered the walkawayfrombigtech.com domain back in late 2020 because I could see Big Tech acting in increasingly nefarious ways. I originally planned to make my own how-to type guides for online privacy and Big Tech alternatives, but I realised that the problem was not a lack of information.

The problem is not a lack of good alternatives or information on how to protect your online privacy. There is already too much information out there already but the problem is most people have no way to filter the good from the bad and then determine what is suitable for their needs.

I saw more and more people waking up and wanting to reclaim their online freedom, but the biggest obstacle for most people is they don’t even know where to start.

I understood the obstacles stopping most people but I also realised that something even more important was missing. People need a simple framework and methodology to follow, or to put it in simple English; A way to know how to navigate to the right information, find alternatives best suited to their needs, and then have a process to follow to safely implement them.

The 10 Steps to Escape the Big Tech digital prison provides that missing framework and methodology and has been designed for everyone regardless of their level of technical understanding.


Online Privacy vs. Digital Freedom

When I created Walk Away from Big Tech my focus was online privacy but I soon realised that this focus was too narrow and that we can never obtain privacy until we have Digital Freedom.

Ten Steps to Escape the Big Tech digital prison is much more than just an escape plan. Each step focuses on an aspect of our digital lives and how

Here are some of the major components of our 10 Steps course:

  • Paradigm shift – change the way you think about privacy
  • Compartmentalisation – introduce a strategy to help you take control of their digital lives
  • Digital life audit – help people to locate and secure their information
  • Isolate Big Tech – put Big Tech into a virtual digital prison on your device and separate it from the rest of your digital life.
  • Digital Freedom Tube – provides you with a gateway to the alternative Internet
  • Digital Freedom Launchpad – A browser home page to keep you focused and moving forward


Digital Freedom Team Members

Team members agree with the principles outlined in the Mission and Vision statement.

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NettieBee (Jeanette)

Graphic Designer in the Sign and Design industry since 1994, and expanded into Web Design in 2010. Specialties include Graphic Design, Web Design and Developing, Local SEO, Social Media support, Photography, Photo Editing, Content and Copy Writing, Marketing, Research and Networking.

RESPONSIBLE FOR: Web graphics, web design, content editing, PDF creating, and promotions.

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Graham has 44 years experience in the supply side of the data communication and computer industry. He started in data communications, then moved into PC and computer network engineering (as one of the top Novell Netware specialists) as well as utility programming and application trouble shooting in various programming languages. As the Internet became popular, Graham transfered his knowledge to Linux based Internet Service Providers’ equipment and also began hosting (on Linux servers) and building websites. As the World Wide Web grew, he became an accomplished PHP and Perl programmer developing both sophisticated web applications as well as customising open source web software (FOSS).

Since the overt intrusion in our lives by globalists and big tech censorship, Graham has added the ability to replace commercial Android operating systems on certain mobile phones, and regularly installs CalyxOS, GrapheneOS, DivestOS, and LineageOS on these devices. He has run workshop classes on digital privacy and security for phones, computers, and Internet connections. He also installs Linux on computers and laptops for clients.

RESPONSIBLE FOR: Graham is contributing information about all things open source (FOSS), Android apps to replace popular apps that track and spy on users, and how to migrate from your current system to secure and private Linux based systems.

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Want to help spread Digital Freedom?

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    Some people may have noticed the website was down for a couple of days. We have migrated to a new Australian based host.

  • EXPLORE tab update

    The EXPLORE tab is for doing your own research. I have been updating all the EXPLORE tabs for each of the six parts and starting to add content to the DIGITAL FREEDOM TUBE.  Will advise when complete.

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    Welcome to the course and the first course update. This is where you will be notified of any major changes or additions to the course.


100% Privacy for YOU Policy

  • This course does not require you to create an account or provide any personal information and you will never be asked to share any personal information.
  • We do not keep logs or use any sort of tracking, you can access this course anonymously.
  • This course contains NO commercial promotions, affiliate links or sponsorships but does link to third party resources that may contain such commercial promotions.

Course Fees


PWYW Pricing Model

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After finishing the course, if you feel you have got value from it, then consider paying relative to what you can afford. If you really can’t afford it then consider this our gift to you and we only ask that you pay it forward by sharing and promoting Digital Freedom to others.

Payments received will be used to meet operational costs and help get this information out to more people.