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Banking Apps On Degoogled Phone

Banking Apps on De-Googled Phones

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Get Banking Apps To WORK On GrapheneOS Secure Degoogled Android; One Common Issue Preventing Users From Trying One Of The Many Worthwhile Degoogled Android Operating System (/e/, LineageOS, CalyxOS, CopperheadOS), Is Banking Apps Not Working; Today We Cover How To…
Why foss matters

Discovering Free and Open Source Software

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Matthias Kirschner on FSFE’s Open Source Journey Video Summary: YET TO BE REVIEWED Video Notes: Welcoming Matthias Kirschner on Techlore Talks to discuss the FSFE (Free Software Foundation Europe) and how they are empowering the future of free & open…
Privacy Of Microsoft Documents Stored In Cloud (c)

Privacy of Microsoft documents stored in cloud

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Are you Still using Microsoft Office? Time to Move On. An Alternative. Video Summary: TO BE REVIEWED Video Notes: Everything now from Microsoft 365 to Google Docs is in the cloud, which means someone can read your documents! Something that…
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BlackRock allegedly owns and controls the world. But the investment giant claims they are just impartial shareholders. What is really going on? Support independent research and analysis by joining my Patreon page: According to popular theories on social media BlackRock owns almost…
Paypal Google Integration Weekly News Roundup

Weekly News Roundup – Paypal tracks packages with gmail integration, Android wants to scan your sideloaded apps, and a new app promises to curb censorship and more…

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A new privacy law in California – Delete Act – has been passed A new law in Tanzania makes it illegal to use a VPN without reporting everything you are doing to the government. Google integration with Paypal – who cares -…
Qubes Disposable Whonix Vm Handling Suspicious Files

How disposable Virtual Machines can keep you safer by quarantining suspicious files/attachments

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Qubes is a Linux Operating System based around the concept of Virtual Machines (like multiple computers you can switch between) making full use of compartmentalisation. Compartmentalisation allows you to take control of your digital life and is what the 10 Steps…
12 Essential Apps For Protecting Your Privacy Online C

PCMag 2023 list of essential Privacy Tools

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Essential Apps for Ironclad Online Privacy Resource date: 27/08/2023 Our Summary: PC Mag provide their 2023 recommended list of some of privacy Apps Online Resource: Another day, another data breach. Sidestepping trackers and protecting your personal information might seem like…
Privacysavvy Com Security Safe Browsing Privacy Tools C

Privacy Savvy – Internet Tools

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The Best Internet Privacy Tools for 2023 Resource date: 27/08/2023 Our Summary: Directory of Privacy Tools based around 11 popular categories Online Resource: Sneak peek at using privacy tools Amidst the rapid upsurge in cybercrimes, even an average internet user… 99 Tools To Protect Your Privacy C

Cloudwards Privacy Tools Review

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99 Free Privacy Tools for 2023: Online Security Apps for Nothing Resource date: 27/08/2023 Our Summary: List of 99 FREE assorted privacy tools. Cloudwards is a review site Online Resource: Trackers, malware, spyware, ads, search engines – there is no…
Privacyaustralia Net Tools Cjpg

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Privacy Australia – Tools to Protect Yourself Resource date: 27/08/2023 Our Summary: A short list of “Essential” Privacy tools and some helpful guides. Online Resource: When most people think online security they think of a virus checker or maybe just…
Proprivacy Com Tools Hub C

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ProPrivacy – Tools Hub Resource date: 27/08/2023 Our Summary: ProPrivacy are a leading resource for digital freedom and provide a well presented list of privacy tools The ProPrivacy website contains commercial promotions Online Resource: Privacy Tools ProPrivacy Tools are your…

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Privacy Guides – Privacy Tools Resource date: 27/08/2023 Our Summary: A very comprehensive site focused on Privacy Guides but with a full directory of Privacy Tools Each tool has its own page with a very detailed description. Online Resource: If…
Awsome Privacy C

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Awesome Privacy Resource date: 27/08/2023 Our Summary: A very comprehensive list of privacy tools and alternatives. What makes this resource even more helpful is that it provides alternatives by category with examples of popular commercial applications and a list privacy…
Privacy Tools C

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Privacy Tools Guide: Website for Encrypted Software and Apps Resource date: 27/08/2023 Our Summary: One of the most comprehensive directories of privacy tools. Online Resource: Privacy Tools Guide: Website for Encrypted Software & Apps You are being watched. Private and…
Privacy Tools List

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Top privacy tools, apps and services 2023 Resource date: 27/08/2023 Our Summary: provides one of the most comprehensive directories of privacy tools Online Resource: Safe internet, privacy tools for your desktop, here you will find best anonymity tools list for desktop,…
organisation-European Digital Rights

European Digital Rights

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European Digital Rights Alternative Summary: European network for Online Rights & Freedoms Alternative Notes: European Digital Rights is the biggest European network defending rights and freedoms online. Alternative Link:

The International Association of Privacy Professionals

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The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Alternative Summary: Global information privacy community Alternative Notes: IAPP the world’s largest and most comprehensive global information privacy community. Alternative Link:
organisation The American Civil Liberties Union

The American Civil Liberties Union

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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Alternative Summary: American Public Interest Law Firm – Concerned with Free Speech – Privacy & Technology Alternative Notes: ACLU is the USA’s largest public interest law firm. The ACLU Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project…
organisation The Tor Project

The Tor Project

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The Tor Project Alternative Summary: Organisation behind the Tor network and browser – AKA Darknet Alternative Notes: The or Project is a non-profit (charity) organization that maintains and develops the Tor software. They fight every day for everyone to have…
organisation Algorithmic Justice League

Algorithmic Justice League

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Algorithmic Justice League Alternative Summary: Group focussed on social and privacy concerns with Artificial Intelligence. Alternative Notes: Algorithmic Justice League is an organization that combines art and research to illuminate the social implications and harms of artificial intelligence. They believe:…


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MediaJustice Alternative Summary: Group building grassroots movement against the Big Tech dominance of our digital techknology Alternative Notes: MediaJustice is a nonprofit organization building a powerful grassroots movement for a more just and participatory media in a digital age. From…


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None Of Your Business Alternative Summary: European privacy group focused on the use of strategic litigation Alternative Notes: noyb is a European non-profit, that is using strategic litigation to enforce our fundamental right to data protection and privacy. It fills…

Freedom of Privacy Forum

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Freedom of Privacy Forum Alternative Summary: Forum for discussion of Privacy and Techknology Alternative Notes: Freedom of Privacy Forum is a nonprofit organization that explores the challenges posed by emerging technologies and develops privacy protections, ethical norms, and workable best…

Fight for the Future

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Fight for the Future Alternative Summary: Digital Rights Group Alternative Notes: Fight for the Future is a digital rights group known for leading campaigns against facial recognition on college campuses and music festivals, fighting for net neutrality, and demanding an…

Freedom of the Press Foundation

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Freedom of the Press Foundation Alternative Summary: Organisation focused on Freedom of Press Alternative Notes: Freedom of the Press Foundation is a non-profit organization that protects, defends, and empowers public-interest journalism Recognizing privacy and security as important elements in maintaining…
privacy org eff

Electronic Frontier Foundation

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Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Alternative Summary: One of the oldest and respect privacy organisations Alternative Notes: EFF is the leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world. Currently, they’re fighting the use of facial recognition at the federal…
Which Private Browser 1

Privacy Browser Strategy

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Great browser update from Techlore. The browser strategy recommend is similar to what we recommend with one difference. Techlore has:
  • Tor for anonymity
  • Mullvad for additional privacy
  • Brave general use
We recommend an additional browser specifically for Big Tech (and Big Brother). This…