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Matthias Kirschner on FSFE’s Open Source Journey

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Welcoming Matthias Kirschner on Techlore Talks to discuss the FSFE (Free Software Foundation Europe) and how they are empowering the future of free & open source software!

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 About Matthias Kirschner
 About the FSFE & their relationship to FSF & open source
 How the FOSS movement thrives in Europe
 Is the FOSS movement too extreme? What’s FSFE’s approach?
 FSFE’s Successes—Public Money Public Code
 What’s preventing wider open source adoption?
 How software regulates our lives every day!
 First steps for people new to free & open source software
 When open source seems ‘worse’ than proprietary alternatives
 Matthias’s Book & Final Words
 Final Closing Words
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