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    the war for control of the internet
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Baby Steps = Digital Freedom broken down into small easy to understand lessons

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The Virtual Webmaster

G’day, Welcome to my 10 Steps to Escape the Digital Prison course. I’m The Virtual Webmaster and have been an IT professional for more than 40 years, and have spent the past 20 years as a Webmaster, SEO specialist and online entrepreneur.

I was around long before the Big Tech takeover of Silicon Valley.

In fact, I was around long before the internet.

I even predate the release of the first “Personal Computer”.

When it comes to IT, I am ancient.

My first microcomputer was an Exidy Sorcerer similar to this picture

I got my first Microcomputer 1979, the term Personal Computer would not be created until 1981 with the release of the IBM PC.

This was one of the ways my brother helped me get into IT. We went havles in buying it and were meant to share it but looking back I think this was his way to help his High School Dropout younger brother into a career.

Now I want to tell you a bit about this computer

And there is a point to this, I am not just reminiscing or providing more evidence about how ancient I am.

This computer had a whopping 4K of memory and came with a monochrome screen. It had no graphics, no sound and no internal storage. You could not save any work on the computer itself. This is what the cassette recorder was for, and yes this is the same cassette player used for music in the 70s.

How does that compare with the average phone today?

4k of RAM is four thousand bytes

This is much smaller than most online mages, some of the small icons are around this size.

4Mb of RAM is four million bytes

A typical 3-4 minute MP3 song encoded at a bitrate of 128 kbps will have a file size of approximately 3-4 MB

4Gb of RAM is four billion bytes

4Gb is absolute entry level minimal requirement for most modern operating systems, most phone and tablets have way more than this

4Tb of RAM is four Trillion bytes

4Tb is now a common size for an external hard drive for home use

Technology is evolving exponentially – humanity is not.

Technology has come a long way since then but when it comes to awareness of digital privacy, most people have made very little progress.

When the internet was available, I was one of the early adopters and since then I have watched it evolve.

In the early days, it was like the Wild West with no regulation and little censorship.

It was an exciting place full of diverse opinions and new ideas and it enabled people from all around the world to discover and connect with other people they would otherwise never have met, and share information.

It promised to bring the world closer together.

But as the internet grew, its potential was recognised and soon attracted Big Money which evolved into Big Tech.

I have watched as Big Tech has crept into almost every aspect of our digital lives.

Instead of bringing the world closer together, Big Tech has made the internet a divisive place full of echo chambers, created by addictive algorithms designed to maximise engagement.

Increasingly there is one official narrative, and any other view is labeled misinformation AKA wrongthink.

but there is much more at stake than just our privacy and censorship

Big Tech Digital Prison will be run by AI with Big Brother as co-wardens


NOT just content with the huge profits from internet dominance


NOT just control everything you can see and do online

They ultimately want control of what you


A digital prison of the mind and body

A Roadmap to Online Freedom

Original Training Program – The 10-Step Escape Plan is based on

I knew I had to do something to help people become less dependent on Big Tech and more aware of digital privacy.

I considered making my own how-to type guides for online privacy and Big Tech alternatives, but I knew that at the end of the day, in most cases, I would be just retracing someone else’s steps, and just adding to the information overload we all experience.

I understood the obstacles stopping most people but I knew that something even more important was missing.

People need a simple framework and methodology to follow, or to put it in simple English; A way to know how to navigate to the right information, find alternatives best suited to their needs, and then have a process to follow to safely implement them.

I could not find anything like that so in late 2022 I started to create that framework and called it A Roadmap to Online Freedom.

I ran eight weeks of live training pilot with a small group recording more than 20 hours of video on how to obtain online privacy and anonymity.

When I started the training I had an outline of the training I wanted to provide but as I progressed, I experienced several epiphanies.

  • No Privacy without Digital Freedom

One of the first was realising that the issue of digital privacy extended way beyond what we consider to be online. The Internet Of Things means that almost everything in our physical environment is being connected to create a surveillance state that has already surpassed 1984 in many ways.

what does digital freedom look like
We can’t have privacy without Digital Freedom

I created 10 Steps to Escape the Digital Prison because also realised that, WE CAN NEVER ACHIEVE PRIVACY WITHOUT DIGITAL FREEDOM. For these reasons, I have started talking about Digital Freedom instead of Online Freedom.

  • A Different Perspective

I created A roadmap to Online Freedom because I could not find anything like it and I wondered…why would I have anything different to offer?

Cybersecurity has always been a major part of all my roles but I have never been Cybersecurity specialist.

computer operator
The early 1980s -my brother got me my first IT job as a Computer Tape Librarian, I was then trained as a Computer Operator, went to night school and a few years later got my first job as an Application Developer (COBOL maintenance and C)

I started to realise that my experience and skill set were unique and this gave me a different perspective on Digital Privacy

Here are some of the roles I have had spanning over 40 years in IT:

  • Computer Operator
  • Application Programmer
  • PC Help Desk Manager
  • Server Administrator
  • System Analyst
  • IT Project Manager
  • IT Contractor
  • National Help Desk Manager
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Internet Consultant
  • Online Marketing
  • Webmaster

It was my experience as a Webmaster and as an SEO specialist that I kept referencing when creating the training.

My role was to analyse the Google algorithm and optimise websites so they would rank higher in the organic search results.

This included attempting to manipulate the Big Tech algorithms using fake accounts and backlinks generated using an amazing array of specialised online marketing tools and services available.

Assisting businesses to get on the top of Google Search Results was worth a lot of money. What we were dong went against Google terms and conditions.

So it was all about avoiding detection and staying under the radar.

I was also a big user of Google’s advertising services (Adwords & Adsense) and this gave me an insight into the amount of personal data Big Tech are collecting.

  • A paradigm shift is required

We need to change the way we think about privacy and our digital information.

midnight express escape
Sometimes you need to escape in your mind before you can physically escape…

This means taking control of your digital life and developing a new level of privacy awareness

As with anything new, such as learning to drive a car,

It can seem overwhelming at first, with so many new things to consider and coordinate.

But over time with practice and experience, it becomes second nature.

The same is true when claiming your Digital Freedom.

Christopher Anthony Lunsford,
Armies of AI-Powered robots are set to perform most work making humans obsolete.


Alvin Toffler - Future Shock
A book trilogy that predicts the impact of disruptive new technologies on society.

The world is changing radically and technology is driving that change.

In 1970, Futurologist Alvin Toffler predicted the impact of disruptive new technologies on society.

He described Future shock as “the shattering stress and disorientation that we induce in individuals by subjecting them to too much change in too short a time.

This is the guy who invented the term “Information Overload

He described a world where most people will become obsolete…

Toffler was consulted by many world leaders, “they” have known what was coming for years…

These emerging disruptive technologies have arrived!

How have our world governments prepared for this FUTURE SHOCK?

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
5G Network
5G Network
Blockchain Technology
Blockchain Technology
Gene Therapy
Gene Therapy / Transhuman
Virtual / Augmented Reality
Virtual / Augmented Reality
Robotics / 3D Printing
Robotics / 3D Printing

These technologies are coming together to create the potential for a surveillance state that makes 1984 seem mild by comparison.

Together they enable the creation of the

Internet of Things – Everything Connected

The Internet of Things
A World with No More Privacy

Understand that the Technology genie is out of the bottle.

We can try to ignore it, but it will not ignore us.

It’s not going to leave us alone

because there are some that think they have a right to monitor, and ultimately control every aspect of the lives of others.

Christopher Anthony Lunsford,
And they don’t think you know, but I know that you do

We either control our technology,

or it will be used to control us!


security vs privacy
…and as much as we may wish that we “could just wake up, And it not be true, But it is, Oh, it is

Understand that nothing is going back to the way it was before

This is not a boycott

Big Tech has nothing we need

We do not want to reform Big Tech

Everything they do can be easily replaced

The existing Big Tech platforms are based on centralised Web 2.0 technology and we simply need to walk away from them.

There is NO magic software that is going to do this for you

security vs privacy
A VPN does not automatically provide privacy or protection

A VPN is a good example of the Magic Software approach

If you are currently using one, that is great, but don’t assume it’s providing anything like complete privacy and protection.

Big Tech has multiple ways of tracking you online. A VPN is just one tool in the privacy kit and needs to be used correctly and in conjunction with other privacy measures.

In Step 2 we are going to cover the multiple ways Big Tech can track you, what VPNs do and how to use them correctly, but for now, you just need to understand that there is no software that is going to do this for you.

No one is coming to save you

security vs privacy
Are you waiting for someone to do it for you?

None of them are fighting for you Digital Freedom

There are many who consider these people to be fighting against the “globalists” and for our “Freedom”. Whatever they may or may not be fighting for – None of them are fighting for your Digital Freedom.

We have seen politicians holding senate inquiries with calls to break up Big Tech under anti-trust laws or regulate freedom of speech into existence on Big Tech platforms. We should all know by now how new Government regulations and laws workout…

net result – the government has more power and people have less

and very little else changes!

and remember that politicians will be co-wardens of the Digital Prison


The only person that can give you Digital Freedom is YOU



We Can Escape and Gain Digital Freedom!

and it’s much easier to do than most people believe

So how do we win this war for control of the internet and gain our digital freedom?

Simply by taking control of our digital lives and Walking Away from Big Tech.

Taking Control means taking responsibility for your own digital security and privacy.

Walking Away means using alternatives and build our own parallel system.



It is something everyone can do regardless of your current technical level and circumstances.

10 Steps is about making continual small improvements to your digital security and privacy, and eventually taking control of your Digital Life.

Each step deals with a major aspect of our Digital Lives and is further broken down into Baby Steps (Parts and Modules).

10 Steps to Escape the Big Tech Digital Prison

step 1 digital freedom eagle yel

Step 1 – Digital Freedom


What is the internet
Big Tech myths
What is Digital Freedom
The Secret Weapon
Last chance to exit

Step 2 Privacy Browser yel

Step 2 – Private Browsing


How they track you
What is a Privacy Browser
Advanced Privacy Settings
VPNs and other tools
Creating a browser strategy

Step 3 Private search yel

Step 3 – Private Search & Discovery


Search & Discovery
Alternative search engines
Big Tech search proxies
AI-assisted Search
Create a Search Strategy

Step 4 Private communication yel

Step 4 – Private Communication


Walk away from Email
Alternative Personal Messaging
Alternative Video chat
Managing Big Tech Communication
Create a communication strategy

Step 5 Private alternatives yel

Step 5 – Private Alternatives


Your selection criteria
Finding alternatives
Evaluating alternatives
Transfer your data
Create a migration strategy

Step 6 Private ecommerce yel

Step 6 – Private E-commerce


Safer online transactions
Alternative payment methods
Private and trustless transactions
Virtual Shopping
Exploring parallel economies

Step 7 Private social yel

Step 7 – Private Social


It was a test and most of you failed
Alternative social platforms
Using an Online Alter-ego
Manage your existing Big Tech social
Create an information management strategy

Step 8 Backup and storage yel

Step 8 – Backup & Secure Storage


Locate and secure all your data
Remove data online
Encrypt and obfuscate your data
Backing up your data
Create a backup strategy

Step 9 Private Crypto yel

Step 9 – Decentralised Networks


Decentralised networks
Blockchain technology
Decentralised internet
Decentralised Finance
Metcalfe’s law

Step 10 Private internet yel

Step 10 – Your Escape Plan


Start your journey
Digital Freedom Virtual GPS
Road Side Assistance
Information War
Gult’s Gulch

You start where you are with what you have

You don’t have to purchase any additional hardware or software. You start with whatever hardware and software you currently have. The important things is to start NOW!

Self-paced and Private

Small Continues Baby Steps will get you to the Finish Line

Rushing into change has the potential to be very disruptive and frustrating. We provide a process to help you manage change and reduce this potential, but it’s important to proceed at a pace you are comfortable with. As long as you continue to take those Baby Steps towards Digital Freedom you will eventually take control of your digital life.

Because this is a non-interactive course, you will never be asked to share any personal information and can complete the 10-Steps anonymously as we do not even require registration.

Create your Escape Plan


You will take our path to Digital Freedom based on your circumstances, needs and priorities. You will all create your own Escape Plan.

Most people don’t even know where to start. The problem is not a lack of privacy information and good alternatives, the problem is information overload.

There is actually too much information out there already and people have no way to filter the good from the bad and then determine what is suitable for their needs.

The 10 Steps to Escape the Big Tech Digital Prison is much more than just a framework and methodology to follow.

Digital Freedom Launchpad and Digital Freedom Tube both help you connect with the alternative internet.

Digital Launchpad provides you with a safe place to start exploring and using the alternative internet.

Digital Freedom Tube is your gateway to the alternative internet where you can Do Your Own Research (D.Y.O.R.). Categories include Privacy Tools, Big Tech Alternatives, Online Resources, Freedom Videos, Privacy Communities, News & Alerts,

A Secret Weapon to give Big Tech the Mushroom Treatment

I will introduce you to a secret weapon, a powerful yet little-known method to help you do this,

This method also provides the absolute best defence against identity theft and most other cybersecurity threats.

including learning how to isolate Big Tech and Big Brother from the rest of your digital life.

While we have NO control over BigTech technology…

We do have control over how we interact with it.

We can also choose better alternatives to replace most Big Tech applications and services and be part of building Digital Freedom for everyone.


AND for the times when we do need to interact with Big Tech, we can limit what Big Tech can see of the rest of the rest of our digital life.

Effectively putting Big Tech into a virtual digital prison on your device.

Warning & Disclaimer


When it comes to privacy, following the wrong or incomplete advice can be more dangerous than doing nothing, especially if you are lulled into believing you are secure and private when you are not.

There is an old adage that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing and this is especially true when it comes to digital privacy.

As you acquire more knowledge on privacy there is a risk of believing you are private when you are not, and some may be tempted to engage in risky activity – I strongly advise against this.

I have created 10 Steps to help you achieve greater online safety and privacy. But ultimately this is about you being responsible for your digital life and the freedom to do what you feel is right.

This is educational content, you are always encouraged to D.Y.O.R. and should not trust or base any action on information from a single source. DO NOT proceed unless you agree to take full responsibility for everything you do with regard to digital security and privacy.



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