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12 Simple Tools to Protect Your Privacy

Resource date: 27/08/2023

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 12 of the top FOSS based Privacy Tools

IT’S FOSS is a Free and Open Source Software directory site. FOSS based privacy tools are generally to be considered to provide a better privacy

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Data is one of the most valuable assets available.

For better or worse, data collection techniques aren’t going anywhere. To be practical, we need all sorts of data to analyze, study, and learn about things.

Of course, it also brings in the risk of exploiting the data collected, such as malicious agencies getting hold of your browsing data (or internet activity).

While data collection methods have improved over time (like anonymous collection practices), they may not be entirely privacy-friendly.

Fret not; you need not be an expert to protect your privacy.

Some simple tools enhance your privacy without compromising the user experience. And, the best thing—you do not need to waste time researching these options like there’s no tomorrow.

Here, I highlight such simple tools to guard your online privacy easily.

Basic Tools to Step Up Your Online Privacy

The best way to protect your data is to focus on the options you interact with the most.

While you have to right to be paranoid, you shouldn’t forget the practical use cases.

For instance, it is useless to opt for a decentralized messenger that none of your friends/family uses and end up using WhatsApp most of the time.

Hence, we list some of the options that you can easily try without making any special efforts, categorizing them as:

  • Web Browser
  • VPN Services
  • Search Engines
  • Messengers
  • Operating System
  • Password Manager

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