Privacy Browser Strategy

Why Browser Wars Are Silly: Here’s What Matters!

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This video from the Techlore channel discusses the evolution of the presenter’s browser usage over time, focusing on the balance between privacy, security, and usability. Here’s a summary of the key points:

  1. Early Usage (4+ Years Ago): The presenter primarily used Firefox and Tor. Firefox was customized for privacy and security, but this required extensive configuration and resulted in usability issues. Tor was used for highly sensitive tasks and accessing onion websites.
  2. Introduction to Brave (2019): The presenter tried Brave and appreciated its simplicity and power. Despite some disagreements with Brave’s values and features (like Web 3 and ad products), it provided a non-ephemeral environment suitable for staying logged in to certain sites. This led to a browser usage of roughly 30% Brave, 69% Firefox, and 1% Tor.
  3. Experimentation with Other Browsers: Various other browsers were tested, including Vivaldi, Opera, Edge, Safari, Ungoogled Chromium, and Arc. However, none of these fully aligned with the presenter’s needs for simplicity, privacy, and cross-platform compatibility.
  4. Switch to Mulvad Browser: Recently, the presenter shifted to using the Mulvad browser, a hardened Firefox variant, for its better out-of-the-box privacy features. This led to the new browser usage split of 30% Brave, 69% Mulvad, and 1% Tor.
  5. Future Prospects and Recommendations: The presenter hopes for continued development in browser privacy features, such as Brave’s upcoming “Forgetful Browsing” which may further streamline the browsing experience. The presenter encourages users to try different browsers to find the best fit for their unique needs, emphasizing that using multiple browsers can optimize privacy, security, and usability.

The presenter concludes by inviting viewers to share their own browser preferences and the reasons behind them, fostering a community learning experience.

The Virtual Webmaster

Great browser update from Techlore.

The browser strategy recommended is similar to what we recommend with one difference.

Techlore has:

  • Tor for anonymity
  • Mullvad for additional privacy
  • Brave general use

We recommend an additional browser specifically for Big Tech (and Big Brother). This can be any of the Big Tech browser (what most people are already using).

Video Notes:

Long ago I left Firefox in pursuit of testing out countless browser for my privacy and security journey. Here’s my journey which demonstrates why browser wars are silly and what I suggest people do who are looking for the best privacy and security browser(s) for them. Browsers I considered (or used) were Firefox, Tor, Brave, Vivaldi, Opera, Edge, Safari, ungoogled-chromium, Arc, and Mullvad Browser.

My coverage of Mullvad Browser:

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Privacy Browser Strategy

Why Browser Wars Are Silly: Here’s What Matters!

Privacy Browser Strategy

Why Browser Wars Are Silly: Here’s What Matters!

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Privacy Browser Strategy

Why Browser Wars Are Silly: Here’s What Matters!

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