This is why piracy always wins

Piracy is COMPLETELY justified: Louis tries NetFlix & remembers why

Video Summary:

This is a bit of a rant about how piracy can be justified.

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 – Introduction
 – In 2005, it made sense that the world had not caught up with the Cowon A2
 – Why piracy is justified – you get a better experience when you don’t pay
 – Addressing the common ad hominem attack
 – Louis watches a TV show with his girlfriend
 – Loading netflix in firefox
 – Why your TV should NEVER connect to the internet
 – Netflix on a computer looks like garbage
 – Watching netflix on the smarttv
 – Piracy would’ve gotten me 1080p for free
 – Netflix got me 720p for $20+/mo
 – How you know you’ve found the one
 – You are treated better as a PIRATE than as a CUSTOMErl
 – If you’re pointing to workarounds, you missed the point. ENTIRELY.
 – People don’t pay for adversarial relationships – they pay for partners
 – Who are your partners? Who are your adversaries?
 – The NetFlix HD measures still don’t provide the 4k stream, even if you paid for a 4k netflix account
 – I have no problem paying for value
 – Why piracy wins
 – The punchline
 – I’m not expecting them to provide a better deal than free
 – Youtube as an example
 – Youtube asks premium members to verify their address
 – Brave shields members & Ublock origin members are NOT asked to randomly verify their address
 – Users who whitelist youtube in their adblocker get annoying splash screens from youtube
 – Users who DIDN’T whitelist youtube in their adblocker get no annoying splash screen
 – I am opting out of content locked to crappy ecosystems
 – 22 years later, minimal progress