Threat Modeling – The New Oil

Threat Modeling – The New Oil

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Our Summary:


Threat modeling in an important part of your Digital Life Audit.   It’s about identifying and understand the risks


The term “threat model” is just a fancy way to say “what are you hiding and who are you hiding it from?

While threat modeling can be applied to a wide variety of situations (as shown above), on this site I focus specifically on threat modeling for your personal data. The Electronic Frontier Foundation defines data as “any kind of information, typically stored in a digital form. Data can include documents, images, keys, programs, messages, and other digital information or files.” While there are “best practices” that apply to almost (if not) everyone, there’s really no one-size-fits-all threat model for everyone. Some people need more security or privacy, and some need less. Most people want to find a healthy balance between protection and convenience.

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