The real power of decentralised network is about to be tested

The End of LBRY Inc.


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LBRY is the protocol behind websites like Odysee

The LBRY/Odysee project was one of my favourites as it ticked all the boxes for Digital Freedom

The SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) went after LBRY/Odysee making a determination that the LBRY token (crypto) was a security.

This is just part of the war on Digital Freedom and they chose LBRY because it was one of the best examples of a Web 3.0 application.

They have bankrupted LBRY/Odysee and it has now been put into receivership.

They will strip the assets of the company taking out network entry points such as and any corporate and legal structures.

Because LBRY is a totally decentralised network based on FOSS, the government cannot take it down, so there is a real chance for it to rise like a phoenix.

But only if we all get behind whatever solution they come up with…

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Find out…

What’s happening to LBRY, Inc?

What’s happening to the LBRY network?

What’s happening to Odysee?

What happens to LBRY channels and content?

Can Odysee switch from LBRY?

Is the LBRY token still a security?

Will LBRY Inc. be continuing its appeal vs the SEC?

Where is the LBRY community now?

What happens to, GitHub, and other assets?

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