Step 1 – Digital Freedom


In this part, we will be looking at:

    independent websites and businesses being removed
    just one of the ways the digital prison is being built
    we thought it as an inevitable part of progress
    the date they plan to lock the internet
    We have the perfect escape plan


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corporate takeover of the Internet

The Big Tech takeover of the Internet has been a gradual process similar to how most of our local businesses were replaced by large corporate chains. 

Shrinking Internet

Big Tech Big Data

Big Tech is collecting more and more information about all of us

but at the same time, the internet they provide is shrinking

For a number of years already, Big Tech search results have favoured bigger “Authority sites”. I know this because for a few years, I was a partner in an SEO company and it was my job to study the Google algorithm.

Smaller independent websites have been pushed further down the search results, way below the fold, which means what you see without scrolling.

Lately, I have noticed that many of them are starting to disappear altogether, and I am not talking about sites anyone would consider controversial. The sites are probably still there, but de-indexed, delisted, and if you are reliant on Big Tech for search and discovery, they are invisible to you.

This is one of the ways in which the Digital Prison is being built, slowly and quietly all the exits and alternatives are being removed.

The old internet is shrinking and being replaced by walled gardens

John Battelle

Here is a little google search experiment to try yourself.

  • Pick a search term, the more generic the better as it should return the most results.
  • Check the number of results it claims to return.
  • Now start scrolling down the results and see how many there actually are.

I remember a time when you could physically scroll through what seemed endless results.

When we allowed the big chains to replace our small local business, we were enticed by cheaper prices and the promise of more choice from the large chains. How has that worked out?

Free Cheese

Big Tech Fee Cheese

We told ourselves it was an inevitable part of progress. All it really did was make our local communities poorer and the corporations richer. The last two years of lockdowns further destroyed many of the remaining independent small businesses.

For years I have observed the same corporate takeover process happening online, and this corporate takeover of the internet also accelerated during the past two years. We all witnessed the increased censorship, shadow banning and banning of those guilty of “wrong think”.

But even more concerning to me is the looming prospect of an internet where everything you are able to see and do is controlled by AI.

This will be an internet where “Misinformation” simply won’t exist.

A world where everyone will own nothing, not even their own thoughts, and be happy.

This is not a world I wanted to be a part of.  

I knew I had to do something so created an escape plan to help others, and built a website called “Walk Away from Big Tech”, because we seemed to have plenty of time. But I am not sure if I would choose that same name today.

Perhaps more like “Run Away from Big Tech”, because their digital prison is a lot closer than most people would imagine.

In fact the date has been set…

Zero Trust Internet

Government issued digital ID

The Department Of Defence in the United States have announced a Zero Trust Internet by 2027. After this date you will need a Government issued digital ID (global) to access their internet, and with the imminent roll out of CBDCs, smart 15 minute cities, carbon and Social Credit scores…

The need to escape the digital prison may even be more urgent!

Don’t Panic!

10 step plan to escape the Big Tech digital prison

We still have time! And even more importantly, we have a plan!

It’s a 10 Step Plan to escape the Big Tech digital prison!



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