Step 1 – Digital Freedom

Part 4 – What Does Digital Freedom Look Like?

Digital Freedom

In this part, we will be looking at:

    a world where privacy by default is built into every system we use
    a world where operation of government and public companies are transparent
    a world where you can conduct private transactions with anyone, anywhere without the need for a third party
    a world where you own your personal information and control who has access to it.
    a world where you control the type of information you want to see


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Your Digital Freedom Destination

Digital Freedom

What is the destination?

We all have a good idea of what we want to escape from, but very few people have any idea what real Digital Freedom can look like.

Public Transparency

Digital transperancy

A World Where Individual Privacy Paramount

Can you imagine a world where the privacy of the individual is paramount, while the workings of all the governments and corporations are transparent and accountable?

Can you imagine voting systems that ensure 100% honest and fair elections.

Or even better than that…

How about having the ability to directly vote on all important decisions affecting our lives, and from the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be.

Financial Control

Financial Freedom

How about being in complete control of our finances, able to privately transact with anyone anywhere in the world, without the need for any third parties (i.e. banks, government)?

Information Control

How about being in complete control of all your personal information such as health records, where you alone decide on what information you share and with whom?

Information Privacy

Uncensored Internet

How about a completely uncensored internet that is not owned by anyone, and cannot be controlled by the government, corporation or interest group, but one where you are in control of the type of content you want to see?

uncensored internet

An internet built on virtual communities where people can come together to create their own community standards, that reflect their own values and belief system, such as enabling parents to protect children from what the parents considers inappropriate, instead of relying on Big Brother and Big Tech

Despite introducing countless initiatives to protect children, or protect us from whoever they tell is the latest boogieman, they have done little to nothing to protect anyone from anything, and just resulted in us losing more rights and online privacy.

Free Speech Online

We have the technology to build all of the systems I described above and much more.


In fact, most of what I have described has already been, or is being created, and is part of what is called Web 3.0 which we explore in step 10.



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