Your Secret Weapon

Step 2 – Private Browsing

Part 1 – Your Secret Weapon

Escape the Big Tech Digital prison

Topics include:

    need-to-know basis!
    introducing the ultimate privacy strategy
    keep them in the dark and feed them…
    controlling access to your information
    the choice is yours

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Escape the Big Tech Digital prison

Give Big Tech the Mushroom treatment!

Keep them in the dark and feed them…

What is Compartmentalisation?

Compartmentalisation is your secret weapon to take control of your digital life.“ Compartmentalisation” is the key privacy concept the 10 Step training is built around and the most powerful way to achieve Digital Freedom.

The Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project was a top-secret program of research and development undertaken during World War II to produce the first Atomic Bomb. During the development, some 600,000 people spanning three countries worked on the project, yet very few had any idea what they were working on.

This is because the security principle of Compartmentalisation was used where the people working on the project were only provided with the information they needed to perform their task and kept isolated from others working on the same project. This is also referred to as a need-to-know basis.

Why is Compartmentalization your secret weapon for Digital Freedom?

Compartmentalization is a well-established and followed security principle in IT and business extensively used by governments and corporations worldwide.

When it comes to the security and privacy of normal people, it is seldom promoted leaving most people like mushrooms.

Compartmentalization is not a technical approach, you do not need to use any specific software or service to harness its power.

You will want to make changes in your digital life but the reason for the change does not need to be obvious to other people and can be implemented from the privacy of your own home.

There are tools and other techniques that will help make Compartmentalisation more effective by enhancing your privacy through obfuscation and other techniques. We will be covering these and showing how they can work in conjunction with Compartmentalization.

The Super Information Highway

The Internet – A Super Information Hwy

For those old enough to remember, the internet was touted as the super information highway.

In the Roadmap to Online Freedom, I expanded on the automotive metaphor describing our online identity as a vehicle on the Super Information Highway.

Most people only have one vehicle (online identity) and use it for all their online activities.

The Wrong Approach Revisited

I explained in Step 1 that attempting to achieve online privacy using a single online identity requires you to lock down your accounts to such an extent that they become difficult to use…

Protectingasingleidentity C
The Mad Max approach – trying to make your single online identity secure

…and unless you know what you are doing, chances are your activities are still being monitored and recorded.

Using Multiple Vehicles

Instead of using the Max Max approach, we can use compartmentalization to create multiple online identities for each of your different online roles and activities.

Multiplevehiclesforsuperinforationhwy C
Multiple vehicles (accounts and devices) for the Information Super Hwy

It then becomes much easier to secure each vehicle in accordance with what it will be used for.

Cost of using Big Tech

Big Tech Free cheese
The cheese is not free

All the FREE stuff Big Tech gives us is not free. It comes at a cost.

There is a product being harvested and sold and the product is your personal information.

You are simply exchanging your personal information to access all those FREE products and services.

Paying Big Tech for products and services does not exempt you from having all your personal information collected and sold.

It’s time to re-evaluate the cost versus the benefits of using Big Tech

Big Tech provides highly polished products and services that seem to offer…

  • Conveyance & EfficiencyIntegration and interoperability make them easy to use
  • Compatibility & Standardisation everyone else is using them and we love to standardise
  • Security & Reliabilitythe erroneous belief that Big Tech is more secure than the smaller players

The cost of using Big Tech is much more than just the loss of your online privacy and freedom of speech – they have not existed on Big Tech platforms for a long time – the cost will be life in digital prison.

Privacy has a cost too!

Moving to a Digital Compartmentalisation will require sacrificing some of the conveyance and efficiency Big Tech Products and services offer but does offer…

  • Privacy by default
  • Better security
  • Greater innovation
  • More choice
  • Improved compatibility

The choice comes down to

Digital Freedom Vs. Digital Prison

Implementing Digital Compartmentalisation

WARNING – Just creating and using multiple identities but continuing to work the same way will not achieve anything. You need to know how to keep these accounts isolated from each other and depending on your privacy requirements may need to implement some additional privacy measures.

Learning how to do this will be the focus of much of the remainder of the training.



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